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About the Hotel

ARC THE.HOTEL, formerly George Washington University Inn, D.C.’s newest boutique hotel destination, seamlessly bridges timeless tradition and modern luxuries, standing as a neighborhood pillar deeply rooted in community. With spacious guest rooms that offer functionality and comfort, ARC embraces the latest technology and illustrates a renewed vision of artful service. ARC is located within walking distance of The Kennedy Center, George Washington University & Hospital, the IMF/World Bank Headquarters, the National Mall and the Metro’s orange and blue rail lines. Stay at ARC THE.HOTEL for #monumentalexperiences.

With technology integrated in everything from mobile room entry to television streaming, you’ll have a piece of home you didn’t have to pack. We will seamlessly connect you to hyper local experiences unique to the District, all within a mile. When you arrive at ARC THE.HOTEL, the key to your great stay is already in your hand. Using our mobile app, your cell phone becomes your guest room key, as well as your personal concierge. Still like having a physical key? Not to worry, simply visit our lobby to have one in a snap. Everything your way. If you don’t love it: don’t keep it, don’t eat it, and certainly don’t sleep on it. Like art, pillow selection is such a unique preference, which is precisely why ARC leaves this personal preference up to you. Make your selection, and rest easy. It’s much better for your morning. We promise.




Washington D.C., DC US