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The American Colony Hotel

About the Hotel

For over a hundred years, the American Colony Hotel in Jerusalem has been a home away from home for discerning travelers who recognise quality. Immerse yourself in its unique and tranquil beauty, while delving into Jerusalem’s rich past, and add your name to a guest list that includes Lawrence of Arabia, Winston Churchill, Bob Dylan, Uma Thurman, Richard Gere, Giorgio Armani, Miuccia Prada, Tony Blair & Mikhail Gorbachev, to name a few. Enjoy your stay in one of Jerusalem's premier boutique hotels, with more than a hundred years of history.

1. Our history and heritage of more than 150 years is unparalleled. 2. The architecture of the hotel buildings is both stunning, authentic and unique in Jerusalem. 3. Our gardens are at once secluded and one of a kind, with 3 different areas. 4. As the hotel is still family owned ( the same families of 150 years ago!) the personal service and attention to detail is extraordinary . 5. Nearly every room is different, and guest staying here are staying in an experience, not just a hotel. We have our own museum and archive detailing the fascinating story of the building and the hotel's founders, which tour groups come to see as a Jerusalem experience . Your guests get to stay in and live this experience.





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