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The Fontenay Hamburg

About the Hotel

The Fontenay is a reflection of modern Hamburg, located directly on the tranquil banks of Lake Alster, in the heart of the city.As an ultimate urban escape it combines fascinating architecture with a special resort character. Timeless elegance, lavish colors and bespoke materials complement each other subtly in the 130 rooms and suites. The floor-to-ceiling windows amplify the sense of space, while private balconies blur the boundaries between inside and outside for a unique living experience. Lakeside Luxury at its best.

- City hotel with resort character - As an ultimate urban escape it epitomizes fascinating, sculpture-like architecture - situated on the southwesterly shore of the Alster Lake., right in the heart of the city - 1000 m² spa with rooftop infinity pool - spacious room concept with private balconies - an impressive 27-metre high atrium




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