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Zedwell Piccadilly London

About the Hotel

Zedwell Piccadilly has been meticulously designed with sleep at its core and is a destination that promotes positive health and wellbeing in every form. Situated in the heart of London’s West End’s hustle and bustle, the hotel shuts out the noise and encloses the calm from the moment you walk in, providing a sanctuary from the “always-on” society we now live in.

The sheer size of the hotel means the wellbeing elements on offer extend well beyond the rooms. The hotel lobby draws inspiration from the forest, interpreted in the form of timber slats from floor to ceiling. These wood textures are reflected throughout, creating a warm and intimate environment wherever you are in the building. A top of the range gym and studio space for classes including yoga and group meditation are on offer for guests to prioritise their physical and mental wellbeing. There is also a lounge and co-working space offering healthy, nutritious refreshments to help kick-start your day or unwind before bed, and easy self-check in kiosks ensuring efficiency and simplicity at every turn. The rooftop bar and restaurant are set to open in summer 2020 and will offer unrivalled views of the London skyline.